VonShef 13/111 Review

1.VonShef 13-111


Being able to make low calorie treats is what the VonShef 13/111 does best and the main reason for its popularity.

The machine is really easy to operate, so you will find it handy whenever you want to enjoy a healthy treat, without consuming too many calories.

An added bonus is its ease of cleaning, which puts it above other similar devices.

Because of its compact design, this kitchen appliance will easily find its place on your kitchen counter.



One of the things that are not appreciated by buyers is the fact that this unit is quite noisy, so it is not advisable to operate it when someone is sleeping nearby.

A small complaint issued by a few reviewers is that the output comes out a little chunky and not as smooth as they would like.


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Benefits explained


Who doesn’t love ice cream? It is one of the most coveted treats you can find, but, unfortunately, it is filled with sugar and health conscious people cannot enjoy much of it. With the VonShef 13/111, you are capable of making low calorie treats on par with ice cream that you can really enjoy guilt free. The machine only needs your favorite fruits combined with yogurt, so it can turn them into healthy goodies. For a machine making low calorie desserts, this model is really handy and convenient.


The VonShef 13/111 is not difficult to figure out. Actually, it is a pretty straightforward kitchen appliance that you will learn how to use right away.  Basically, you are required only to pour inside all the ingredients, start the machine, and make sure to place a container under the chute, so you can catch your tasty treat as it is done.

1.VonShef 13-111

For a model that makes frozen low calorie treats, this one is really easy to clean. Many times, people choose to stay away from kitchen appliances that make only one thing, because they dread the maintenance requirements and the cleaning. With the VonShef 13/111, you do not have to worry about such things, since you will be able to take the machine apart really easy, wash all the components, and then put it back together. This is among the most frequently mentioned benefits of this particular machine.


The model reviewed here is the type that makes people fall in love with it from the very first glance. It is very stylish looking, so you can easily picture it on your kitchen counter. It is also compact, so it takes up very little room. All in all, you will feel hard pressed to find a reason to reject this model, if you are on the lookout for a machine that can make low calorie desserts that taste great.




The VonShef 13/111 is the ideal choice for anyone on a diet who wants to satisfy their sweet tooth worry and guilt free. Sporting a stylish design and straightforward operation, it is the type of kitchen appliance that makes your daily diet much healthier.


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