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Yogurt maker buying guide – An Overview



Inexpensive and simple to use, the best yogurt maker allows you to prepare yogurt in less time. Making your own yogurt at home has its rewards, despite those rewards only coming after a pretty lengthy fermentation process. Traditional yogurt making takes anywhere from 4 to 10 hours to properly prepare. With a yogurt maker, you can enjoy healthy, silky and smooth yogurt using your choice of ingredients. You can even add your own special touches to the finished product with either nuts or fruits.



Consider the capacity of the yogurt maker vis-a-vis your needs.


yoggurtsYou might be raring to use plenty of ingredients in your yogurt, so a homemade yogurt maker with a large container may be the model you need. A variety of brands and models are on the market.

You can also base your choice on the total quantity of yogurt that is consumed by the household daily to know what really works for the family. No matter how much milk you typically use, the output can vary depending on the capacity of the machine you go for. A large yogurt maker is perfect for the family that goes through large tubs of yogurt every week.

A large electric yogurt maker comes with a generous-capacity container that processes one flavor of yogurt you can store and then scoop out to provide individual servings. On the other hand, you can choose single serve machines when not everyone in the family has the same favorite yogurt flavor. This will allow each member to enjoy their favorite flavor when they want, enabling the homemaker to prepare different flavors in just one round. The individual-serving yogurt maker allows the busy housewife to make from six to eight small yogurt servings so all the members of the family can all enjoy their very own personalized flavor.



Think about what type of yogurt maker you prefer to use regularly.


Although one can make yogurt without using a yogurt maker, those who choose to do it the convenient way can select from a variety of types of this machine. Naturally, consumers gravitate toward easy-to-use machines. Some enable the making of sour cream, fresh cheese and buttermilk, which can be quite versatile.

The pots may vary. With a large-batch machine, you can get a plastic container that can go from the machine to the refrigerator for convenient storage. This eliminates the need to use another container for the finished product. Single-serve machines are typically equipped with glass containers, which you can also store straight from the yogurt maker to the fridge.

Some yogurt makers do not run on electricity. Utilizing only hot water that warms the milk up for fermentation, these types just come with a container into which the milk is poured and then stored. Consuming little to no electricity, this kind of machine won’t add up to your utility bill.

An electric automatic yogurt maker is equipped with a timer, so when the yogurt is ready, the unit simply stops the process. This kind of yogurt maker also maintains a consistent temperature thanks to the sustained supply of electricity. The fermentation process can be observed via the see-through lids.

Perhaps you’d like to try out an ice cream yogurt maker that can make great-tasting ice creams and sorbets.



Check out the controls you want on your yogurt maker


You can choose the yogurt maker that best suits the time you want to spend making your yogurt. The fermentation time typically takes from 4 to 8 hours, sometimes longer. With an automatic timer, the yogurt maker lets you rest easy as the unit will turn off by itself once the processing time is completed.

Check out units that come with an on\off switch and light to let you know the unit is running. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to be on the watch for the machine to finish its job. You can go to work during the day or sleep at night and just leave the machine to complete the work of fermentation in 4 to 10 hours.

When you wake up in the morning or get back from work, you can simply cool the prepared yogurt in the fridge for about three to 12 hours. The yogurt can be kept in the fridge for 10 days so you can prepare a single batch for consumption for an entire week or so.

With an adjustable control, you can easily set the fermenting time to match each recipe. Most models come with a timer button and a start/stop button so you can decide to begin the fermentation process as you prefer. Most machines also come with a visible time display, so you will know how much time is still left before the yogurt maker finishes the job.

A good quality yogurt maker lets you set it and forget it.


Find out if the yogurt maker you are eyeing has other convenient features


The automatic shut off or timer in some yogurt makers proves to be quite convenient as it lets you know with an audible alert beep or alarm tone that the fermentation process is complete, so you can place the yogurt for cooling and storage inside the refrigerator. When using a model with automatic shutoff, always remember to adjust the setting to suit the type of yogurt you are making. Yogurt that is under-fermented is watery and thin, an unpleasant and unpalatable texture. On the other hand, over-fermented yogurt will be too thick. Make sure to follow the yogurt making recipe according to what ingredients you actually use.

Premium quality frozen yogurt maker models are able to go automatically from the fermenting mode to the chilling mode. This means you won’t have to set your own alarm to take the jar/s out of the machine and place it/them to chill in the fridge. This type of efficient machine lets you make yogurt while you sleep, chilling the finished yogurt up to 12 hours.




Make sure the yogurt maker is easy to clean and store


yoggurt3The machines you read about in the yogurt maker reviews all come with reusable containers. Do find out if the model you buy has a container that is dishwasher-safe. Hand washing really isn’t much of a bother but it would be even more convenient if you could simply pop the yogurt jar/s or container/s in the dishwasher and not worry about damaging it/them.

The yogurt maker machine itself should just be effortless to wipe clean and not require plenty of elaborate procedures to make it ready for the next session of yogurt making.

A compact machine that won’t eat up too much countertop space can be easily stored inside spare space in a cupboard or left on the countertop if you plan to make yogurt on a regular basis.



Read the instructions carefully and follow them faithfully


Many people go for convenient unitasker gadgets such as yogurt makers, thinking they can enjoy endless tubs of yogurt without worrying about instructions and cooking temperature and other related factors. Others argue that you can easily make your own yogurt without using a yogurt maker.

For those caught between the desire for convenience and the ability to do something by themselves, it is a good place to start by asking oneself whether the yogurt maker can encourage them to do what they want. If this is the case, the consumer has to buy a premium quality machine and be prepared and willing to read all the instructions that come with it.

This can then be compared to making one’s own yogurt without the machine. The consumers should then ask themselves which option presents a more appealing prospect. Many yogurt maker users swear by the efficiency of the machines, aside from the convenience they offer. However, there are certain instances when saving time is less important than just getting the job done.

Just go for the option that will help you achieve your goal a greater number of times, such as when you have a big yogurt-loving family and are too busy with work to really prepare yogurt without a machine.




What products we and other specialists recommend:




Euro Cuisine YM80


1. Euro Cuisine YM80The Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker helps you make the most of snacking on yogurt. With it, you can make fresh yogurt in the comfort of your own home. This effectively prevents the ingestion of harmful toxins and chemicals that may be present in store-bought yogurt. You can enjoy the yogurt recipe you love that is free from additives and artificial thickeners, since you know exactly what goes into your yogurt. Since you no longer have to buy commercial yogurts, this machine saves you money. It also offers a convenient way of preparing yogurt, with everything measured up precisely and the processing temperature monitored automatically.

The Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker enables you to make tasty yogurt in a variety of flavors, all prepared at a single time. With a total capacity of 42 ounces, this is a perfect yogurt maker for the entire family. The seven 6-oz jars save time and effort, letting you prepare an entire batch in one go. The on/off switch lets you control the machine and the start of processing, while the indicator light alerts you when the process is done. The machine is guaranteed bisphenol A-free (BPA free), ensuring safe and clean preparation of fresh yogurt with all the healthful benefits of probiotics preserved for the body to optimize on ingestion.

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Cuisinart CYM-100


2. Cuisinart CYM-100Lightweight at just 7 pounds, the Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker can easily be placed on your kitchen countertop with its compact dimensions of 9.76 by 7.08 by 9.88 inches. Perfect for the health-conscious consumer, this machine helps you eat right, and make the most of what you snack on. Featuring Automatic Cooling, the device turns any kind of milk, including soy milk, into healthful and tasty yogurt, doing it automatically.

The user can produce a limitless variety of flavors in one go, thanks to the 1.5-liter batch capacity or tub, that makes enough for days of tasty snacks and for delicious dishes that can be made more delectable with yogurt.

This machine is simple to run. It even switches itself to the the cooling mode once the processing time is completed, so you won’t have to rush to take out the yogurt and place it in the fridge. The yogurt maker makes it effortless and convenient to eat healthy. The 50-ounce yogurt container lets you prepare more than six 8-ounce servings of fresh yogurt at a single time. The machine carries stainless steel styling that makes it lovely enough to keep on your kitchen countertop so you can make yogurt any time you like. The digital time display counts down the remaining time so you can do other things.

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Dash Greek


3. Dash GreekMaking it effortless to prepare Greek yogurt at home, the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker resembles the more expensive Salton yogurt maker. The similarity ends there however, since this model has double the capacity of the other unit while being available at a fraction of the cost of its pricier counterpart. This yogurt maker produces up to 2 quarts of Greek yogurt at just one time, and even comes with two free buckets, each with lids. Compact at 9.5 inches H by 7 inches W and 7 inches L, this machine lets you utilize any type of milk plus a small amount of starter or storebought yogurt to begin the fermentation and cooking processes. You can easily make delicious, healthy Greek yogurt without the preservatives and added sweeteners.

The unit ships with a comprehensive recipe guide so you can explore a variety of options for preparing homemade yogurt. The Quick Start dial provides easy reference, so you will know how to go about using the unit. You can prepare healthful gourmet treats and in your favorite flavors at that. With this machine, you can save money on repeated purchases of store-quality Greek yogurt. This unit is an all-in-one model that offers a convenient solution to homemade yogurt enjoyment. The main base serves as a means to store all the accessories and components that come with the machine.

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Yogourmet Electric


4. Yogourmet Electric Yogurt MakerThe Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker provides an easy and convenient way to prepare natural, fresh and delicious homemade yogurt minus the potentially harmful preservatives and additives. Specially engineered to keep the perfect temperature thanks to a unique water bath system, this device provides a consistent heating wall surrounding the inner container to ensure precise yogurt preparation. Able to make up to 2 quarts yogurt at a single time, this yogurt maker uses any type of milk, including cow’s milk, goat’s milk and soy milk, infusing the milk with active and live probiotic cultures in as little as 4 ½ hours. This machine has one of the largest capacities in this product category.

Those on a Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) can optimize this awesome machine, which comes with instructions plus a simple and easy-to-use thermometer. The inner container is designed to be dishwasher-safe. The seal-tight lid keeps the prepared yogurt fresh. The unit is constructed of food-grade plastic, offering safe use thanks to being bisphenol A- (BPA) and PVC-free. This yogurt maker helps you save more by enabling you to prepare your own yogurt using only the ingredients you want. This lightweight 4-pound machine ships with a dependable one-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring you of quality craftsmanship and reliable use.

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Extra info you should know:


Why should you get a yogurt maker?



Yogurt offers a lot of benefits. Quick and easy to make, with just two ingredients needed, yogurt tastes really great, which makes it quite appealing to health buffs and even entire families. Yogurt is also a nutrient-rich snack with protein, vitamin B and a host of essential nutrients.

Your digestive tract needs to have an optimum amount of good bacteria to be able to do its function well. Yogurt is made using active, friendly bacteria. This particular action has given birth to the term ‘probiotics’, which in the literal sense means ‘for life’. The bacteria that yogurt supplies are living organisms that control the growth of bad bacteria, thereby ensuring good health when yogurt is consumed in adequate amounts.

That is exactly what a yogurt maker is designed to promote, so more people can partake of the inarguable benefits of probiotics without having to shell out lots of money just to purchase commercial yogurt repeatedly. If you want to fight toxins in the body and boost your immune system, a yogurt maker will be your favorite kitchen gadget.

Saving you the effort of having to ferment the milk yourself, the yogurt maker does the timing and control of temperature so the probiotic elements produced during fermentation are of optimal quantity, helping you make the most of those tummy-friendly bacteria that aid in proper and healthy digestion.

A yogurt maker is also environment friendly, since you won’t have to throw out manually-prepared yogurt that isn’t quite what it should be. You know what is in the yogurt you make, unlike commercial yogurt that can have all sorts of preservatives and additives that defeat the purpose of healthy snacking.



Health benefits of making your own yogurt


There’s nothing like a cup of yogurt to give you a good amount of calcium, protein and healthy carbohydrates to build your bones and muscles and give you fuel to go through the day. The health benefits that can be derived from yogurt go beyond just helping you lose weight and keep the sniffles away. Those are even greatly magnified when you make your own yogurt using your ingredients of choice and not put in those additives and preservatives that store-bought yogurt has.



Yogurt = Probiotics = Health


*photo from

Literally meaning ‘for life’, probiotics is a term that has caught on in the fitness and health industry without really trying so hard. Everyone knows that with a healthy gut (read:stomach), the body is more able to assimilate all the nutrients from the healthy food taken in. It’s a different story if all you really ingest are fats and oils and useless carbs, but for those who watch what they eat, yogurt can do so much to help them reach their fitness and health goals.

With probiotics, one helps the tummy get more friendly bacteria that can fight off the unfriendly ones, which only cause toxins to accumulate and therefore get distributed throughout the body’s various systems. Many yogurt products are chock full of those good bacteria, in addition to other strains that help promote a healthy immune system and digestive tract.

By regularly consuming yogurt, you are helping your digestive system stay healthy and your defense system become stronger.



Yogurt helps with weight control

No matter how many hours you use that vibrating belt that is supposed to flatten your abs, if you don’t take care of your weight problem from the inside, you may never get that toned physique you have been dreaming of.

With regular consumption of at least 18 ounces of yogurt per day, you could stand to lose at least one jean size. This is while cutting down on your total calorie consumption, of course, but the success rates are phenomenal. Imagine losing 81 percent more fat around your middle, along with 22 percent more weight compared to people who don’t eat yogurt. Yogurt helps you retain greater lean muscle mass (at least ⅓), helping you stay fit and not fat. The calcium in yogurt keeps the cortisol hormone under control. Cortisol is responsible for that belly fat accumulating easily. Yogurt also has amino acids that help burn fat.

When consumed as part of a calorie-regulated diet, yogurt helps you shed the excess fat from your abdomen, the most difficult part of the body to lose fat from.



Yogurt has essential vitamins and minerals for the body

So you take all sorts of health supplements that contain all the alphabets in terms of vitamins and minerals. Fine. If you want your body to also have other sources of the good stuff, the food you eat could also fit the bill. This is not to say that you should stop taking your daily dose of vitamins and minerals in pill form, of course.

It is just to point out that you can sustain the levels of those nutrients in your body with something natural and healthy as well, like yogurt. Yogurt has iodine, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin and zinc, along with vitamins B5 and B12. Vegans or those who eat no animal products of any kind are also not going to get vitamin B12 from the limited food choices they have, and yogurt can easily fill that void.

After all, you can make yogurt from soy milk, too.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about colds, high blood pressure, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, tooth decay, protein deficiency, and all manner of diseases that occur only because we don’t watch what we eat or our gut is just not healthy. Let’s help our digestive tract do its job properly by treating it to a daily serving of yogurt. Our whole body will thank us for it.



Most popular manufacturers of yogurt makers



Recognized as a true market leader in yogurt makers as well as small kitchen appliances, Euro Cuisine takes pride in being the first globally competitive European brand in the US market of food preparation. Offering a wide range of small kitchen appliances, the brand offers American consumers fantastic products from countries that have penetrated the scene of American haute or everyday cuisine. Combining cutting-edge technology with innovative functionality, the Euro Cuisine brand offers good-looking Euro-tech styling. This is incorporated with premium craftsmanship and revolutionary safety features that have enabled the brand to face fierce competition head on.


The brand boasts the Euro Cuisine yogurt maker, along with the Waffle Maker, Greek yogurt maker, crepe maker, stainless steel food steamer, prep machine, stainless steel stove top steam juicer, yogurt making accessories, natural yogurt flavorings and yogurt culture. All of the products in the Euro Cuisine line have earned approval from the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian Underwriter Laboratories (cUL), in addition to being ETL listed. The brand maintains warehousing in the United States. Built to last, all Euro Cuisine small kitchen appliances carry beautiful styling and are designed to promote fresh, low-fat cooking using modern methods.

Designed for the modern American kitchen, Euro Cuisine products are engineered for those who want more than just to whip, blend, chop and dice but who aim to create!



Cuisinart has been the brand that Julia Child herself endorsed, just as James Beard also did. They were just two of the first culinary experts to recognize the food processor as a state-of-the-art kitchen appliance when the late company founder introduced it to the American market. Today, the brand has succeeded in turning the art of great cooking into a genuine American lifestyle. Carrying on the tradition of excellence that founder Carl Sontheimer envisioned the brand to deliver, Cuisinart has produced truly innovative culinary tools that have become the company’s unmistakable signature. Currently managed by Conair Corporation, which has handled the company since 1989, Cuisinart continues to be endorsed by culinary connoisseurs including Hubert Keller and Jacques Pepin.

Cuisinart has also diligently pursued its mission of helping people savor the good life. It is a full-service culinary resource offering a comprehensive range of products loved by chefs and preferred by the public.

The brand carries: bakeware; coffeemakers; cookware; dinnerware; countertop cooking appliances; flatware; food processors; frozen yogurt-ice-cream and sorbet makers; glassware; hand mixers and hand blenders; microwave and toaster ovens; waffle makers; stand mixers; tea kettles; toasters; slow cookers. Those are just a few of the products in the Cuisinart product lines. Check out for yourself why the Cuisinart yogurt maker continues to be a top selling product. We included many of their models among the best yogurt makers of 2017.



A proud member of the Canadian Health Food Association, Yogourmet has been a leading brand in yogurt and kefir since 1983. The brand has been giving the public the natural, easy and delicious taste of homemade yogurt and kefir, with a complete solution for fermented milks and homemade yogurts to fully address the needs of everyone and give more people genuinely healthy food choices. The Original Yogurt Starter is 100 percent natural and freeze-dried, to ensure smooth and creamy homemade yogurt. Each 100-gram serving of this product has 100 billion active, live probiotic bacteria that promote healthy digestion, which the Yogourmet Probiotic yogurt starter also boasts along with two other probiotic strains namely, Bifidus longum and Lactobacillus casei.

The brand’s kefir starter is a fermented probiotic milk with calcium, Vitamin K12, B1 and B12, and folate. The 2-kg skim milk powder makes yogurt-making easy, doesn’t require sterilization and is low in fat. The Yogourmet multi yogurt maker is engineered to maintain the ideal temperature for incubation so users can easily prepare the perfect yogurt every time. With a maximum capacity of 2 liters, the Yogourmet Multi yogurt maker inner container is the perfect companion to the Yogourmet multi yogurt maker. The Yogourmet precision thermometer lets you know the perfect time to add the Yogourmet starter culture, with its dual temperature readings for both celsius and fahrenheit. The brand also offers a reusable, machine washable cotton bag designed for making Greek or strained yogurt and spreadable yogurt cheese.



Combining innovation and insight, the VonShef brand has been serving up more for less. The company has been offering a variety of premium products minus the hefty price tag, which has always been high on the VonShef list of priorities. No matter how big your kitchen is or the level of your culinary abilities, VonShef has the right kitchen tool for you. The brand has an extensive array of fascinating, cutting-edge products. Both professional chefs and kitchen newbies can find the perfect product to match their unique needs. VonShef makes life in the kitchen less stressful, with display-worthy products boasting global brand distribution worldwide.

With a variety of small kitchen appliances, the brand helps the homemaker and the kitchen professional make light work of daily kitchen chores so chopping, blending, grilling and mixing do not have to be as difficult as before. Every item is built to last while being engineered for taste, be it a power juicer, frozen fruit maker, premium ice cream maker, stand mixer, mixing bowl, grate bowl, spring form cake tins, bowl scale, cast iron cooking dishes, bamboo steamer lid, pizza slicer, turbo broiler, griddle pan, pressure cooker, and many others. VonShef covers everything, from small kitchen appliances to baking, cookware, party and drinks, utensils and gadgets and prep and preservation.



Boasting legendary performance that is designed to last, Oster has a variety of kitchen tools, coffee and kettles, kitchen appliances, toasters and ovens, blenders and juicers. From personal to kitchen blenders, blender food processor combo, pizza and toaster ovens, waffle makers, panini makers, snacks and yogurt makers, coffee makers, to parts and accessories for the products made by the company, Oster has it all covered. The Mykonos Greek yogurt maker line offers various models, the CKSTYM1001, CKSTYM1010, and CKSTYM1012. The CKSTYM1012 is the glass yogurt maker type equipped with lidded glass jars along with a large plastic container, a Greek yogurt strainer, a timer function and digital LCD display. All the pieces that come with the machine store neatly into the yogurt maker.

The yogurt makers from Oster are able to produce one large batch and can also be made for individual servings using the provided lids and glass jars. The user can choose from a variety of recipes that use different types of milk, whether whole, skim or reduced fat, along with almond and soy milk to accommodate lactose-free and vegan diets. Cook time can range between 10 and 12 hours, based on the type of milk used. The units allow you to prepare fresh, all-natural yogurt just the way you like while saving money on store bought items.


Unavailable products


Vonshef Electric


5. Vonshef ElectricEnabling you to prepare your own 100 percent healthy and organic yogurt at home, the Vonshef Electric Yogurt Maker comes with a generous 49-ounce capacity. The unit comes equipped with seven 7-ounce jars so you can make variously-flavored yogurt or one large batch of the same flavor in a single go. With this machine, you can easily create your own flavored yogurt and also try out different yogurt consistencies or thicknesses. It is always economical to make your own yogurt using this machine, since you only spend one third the cost of store-bought products. This also ensures that you don’t have to throw out excess or waste packaging that will only go to landfills, since the containers that come with the machine are reusable and washable.

This model has a 15-watt rating, ensuring little consumption of electricity during operations. The stainless steel housing provides a lovely finish to the unit, making it perfect to display on your kitchen countertop while ensuring resilience against chipping and corrosion. This yogurt maker offers different processing times according to the milk you use. For whole milk, processing time is pegged at 8 hours, while for 1 percent (low-fat) or 2 percent (reduced fat) milk, the machine offers 10 hours processing time. For skim milk, the machine provides 12 hours processing time. Standing 9 by 9 by 4.7 inches, this yogurt maker is a simple and easy-to-use unit for the modern home



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