Top Homemade Yogurt Makers


Preparing yogurt in the comfort of your home doesn’t have to be hard. The benefits of freshly made yogurt are countless, but many people don’t have the time to go through all the necessary steps to put together a homemade yogurt maker. Store-bought yogurt is cold and difficult to digest and sometimes lacks the bacteria cultures that promote the human digestive system.




Why get the best yogurt maker?

The human body is filled with healthy bacteria that can be killed by various environmental factors. Most of these microorganisms are located in the gut, and their vast majority belong to the Lactobacillus family, which can promote the human immune system.

Most of the people out there have, at some point, undergone at least a treatment with antibiotics. No matter how powerful antibiotics may be against pathogenic germs, this type of medication can accidentally kill the natural bacteria in the gut. Subsequently, conditions like candidiasis can occur in the lack of Lactobacillus.

Yogurt is filled with Lactobacillus bacteria. Therefore, it can raise the immune response of children and adults struggling with their biological defense. A simple yogurt maker can help you maintain your health levels.




Things to look for in yogurt makers

The device capacity is one of the first details to consider. While some models can prepare up to 8 cups, other units can offer you up to two quarts of yogurt. Easiness of use is a detail to analyze, as the operation of several alternatives is more complicated than the one of the others.

The kind of yogurt you’ll be enjoying depends on the model, as some are specially designed to create Greek yogurt, while others can be customized in this sense.

Price is a subjective matter because the cost largely depends on what you’re willing to spend and the capabilities of the chosen machine.



Aroma AYM-606


1.Aroma AYM-606The Aroma AYM-606 is among the best devices in the line, and that comes as no surprise considering the amount of appreciation it has gathered over time in the United States and Canada.

This model is an electric yogurt maker that allows people to benefit from 8 cups of creamy, healthy yogurt. According to the official product description and to the consumer ratings that we have analyzed, the unit is easy to operate. The Aroma AYM-606 comes with a digital display and a programmable timer. Furthermore, the package includes 8 BPA-free plastic cups.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on this item. The neat thing about this alternative is that the cups can be flavored separately, therefore allowing the buyers the freedom to customize their yogurt recipes. The vast majority of the people who purchased this unit claim that it offers excellent value for the price, as it is well-built and reliable.



Dash Bulk


2.Dash Bulk Yogurt MakerCompared to the model we have showcased above, this one is considerably more affordable. The main difference between the two is that the Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker does not come with any cups at all. Therefore, the user can strictly prepare a type of yogurt at a time. For some people, this might look like an inconvenience, but if you usually consume one kind of yogurt, it’s not a deal-breaker.

While some online marketplaces sell it for over fifty dollars, Amazon customers can get this unit at a much fairer price. The main reason to buy the Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker is that all of its non-electric parts can be cleaned using a dishwasher.

As is the case with other products in the line, this one is backed by a 1-year consumer warranty. The package includes a recipe book, so that even rookies can use the device safely.



Oster CKSTYM1012 Mykonos


3.Oster CKSTYM1012Although it is slightly less affordable than the other units described above, the Oster CKSTYM1012 is a product that’s virtually impossible to say no to.

First off, it is able to prepare 2 quarts of yogurt, which means that this is a high-capacity device. Secondly, the model comes with all the accessories one might ever require. In this sense, the package includes 6 7-oz glass jars complete with lids, a large plastic container of which the capacity is 1 quart, and a Greek yogurt strainer.

Since Oster is one of the most well-known brands in the world, the brand has included all the instructions that are necessary in order to prepare any type of yogurt. As emphasized by the company itself, the main advantage of purchasing and using this model is that it is perfect for people who use yogurt for baking and cooking, what with its 32-ounce container.


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