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Electric Yogurt Makers – An overview



Having yogurt every day is a healthy dietary choice. However, health advocates say, for all the right reasons, that not all the yogurt varieties you can find in stores are actually that healthy. Too often, they are loaded with preservatives and other chemicals that are not good for your body. Your best bet to enjoy the delicious taste of yogurt and get all its benefits, minus these downsides, is to make your own yogurt at home.

Being in charge of the recipe and the ingredients used will help you obtain the healthiest yogurt possible and save some money in the process. Getting an electric yogurt maker is a good choice because the unit will make yogurt for you and you will just have to enjoy it when it is done. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a yogurt maker.




How much yogurt can you make?


This is the first question you should ask when you are shopping for a yogurt maker. There are units that can make 1-2 quarts of yogurt and they are ideal for families that want to enjoy fresh yogurt every day. For those who want to make a lot of yogurt in one go and then store it into a refrigerator, larger units that can hold up to 8 quarts of yogurt also exist. For singles or couples without kids, there are models with small capacity that take up little room on the kitchen counter and are very easy to use.




Do not forget that electric yogurt makers come in two basic configurations. Some have a large bowl, in which yogurt is made, and others come with jars or cups that hold single servings. Depending on your preferences, you can choose one or the other.





A timer comes in handy when you want to experiment with different yogurt recipes. Electric models usually have one, as well as a shut-off feature.



Products we recommend



Deni 5600


1.Deni 5600 1-Quart Electric Yogurt MakerNow you no longer have to spend money on yogurt bought from the local grocery store. Bid farewell to additives and preservatives that are not good for you, and start making your own yogurt at home with the Deni 5600 Electric Yogurt Maker. This model can help you make up to 2 quarts of homemade yogurt, so you can load your fridge with this delicious food that is good for your bones, your digestive system and overall health.

The model comes equipped with various useful features. Due to its 6 to 12 hour timer, you can opt for different yogurt recipes and experiment with the thickness of your yogurt. The machine will shut off on its own, when its scheduled program is finished, so you do not have to keep an eye open for it. The ready indicator comes in handy, as well.

The Deni 5600 Electric Yogurt Maker has 6 glass jars with lids for your convenience.



Vonshef Electric


2.Vonshef Electric Yogurt MakerFrom the very first glance, you will notice that the Vonshef Electric Yogurt Maker is not your average, run of the mill model. Making flavored yogurts and trying different recipes is really easy and you do not have to worry that you will have to run to the store for yogurt when you are in the mood for some. The model comes with 7 glass jars, 7 ounces each, so you will have plenty of single servings ready even for an entire week.

You will surely love the stylish design of this yogurt maker. Its housing is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and also looks great in any kitchen setup. Great news is that this automatic yogurt maker consumes very little power, so you will not feel its impact on your monthly bills. Plus, you will save quite a bit of cash by no longer purchasing yogurt from the store.



NutriChef PKYM80


3.NutriChef PKYM80The NutriChef PKYM80 is a great choice if you want to make plenty of yogurt for you and your family. The model has 8 jars made of glass, each with own individual lid and weighing 7 ounces. Do not get fooled by the simple design of this yogurt maker. It offers all the benefits of a top of the line yogurt maker, and it helps you make your own yogurt at home, hassle free.

The housing is stain resistant and easy to maintain clean with minimum effort. You will surely appreciate having an LCD display to schedule the timer for your yogurt recipes. The countertop design makes it easy for users to accommodate this model on any kitchen counter. Creating yogurt is simple and fun with this unit, and many users appreciate its qualities.



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