Salton YM9 Review

1.1 Salton YM9


The Salton YM9 is a great kitchen appliance, because it allows you to make both regular yogurt and frozen yogurt, to add a bit of sweetness in your diet, the healthy way.

The model is easy to clean, and its only container can be easily washed with a bit of hot water and soap.

Easy storage is among its benefits, as its base cord can be wrapped and stored at the bottom.

The manufacturer offers plenty of recipes, so you will have many to choose from when you want to get started.



Some owners talk about the fact that the instructions that come with the yogurt maker reviewed here make things sound more complicated than they actually are.

The dome lid does not seem to be to everyone’s liking, particularly since it adds to the space it needs for storage.



Benefits explained


Making yogurt at home is a great thing, because it eliminates the need to buy yours from the store, where commercial varieties are loaded with preservatives and other chemicals. You can make your own yogurt at home, with the help of the Salton YM9, a unit that does not disappoint. Besides regular yogurt, which is healthier than anything else you may find in stores, this specific model is capable of making frozen yogurt, as well. The sweet treat is much healthier than many other desserts you can buy or make at home, so this is really the biggest plus of this machine.


Consumers appreciate the fact that they do not have to spend a lot of time cleaning this yogurt maker. The base and the housing can be wiped easily with a damp cloth, while the container can be taken out and submersed in hot water with soap, for easy cleaning. While the lack of individual jars may seem like a downside for some, the straightforward design of this unit adds to its appeal.

1.2 Salton YM9

It is important to be able to store the yogurt maker away when you are not using it. The cord that comes with it wraps at the bottom, so that it does not get in the way. You will be able to reduce clutter and maintain a clean kitchen with great ease, as a result.


If you do not have any ideas about where to start when you are getting the yogurt maker, it serves that the model comes with its own recipe booklet. There you will find a lot of ideas to get you started. Adding other ingredients to your yogurt recipes is really easy and the booklet mentioned earlier will teach you how. Nonetheless, you can always count on your own imagination to diversify your yogurt recipes.




One of the best things about the Salton YM9 is that it lets you make regular yogurt and frozen yogurt. Not many similar products on the market can brag they can do the same, so this is a very good reason to go for this one, instead of purchasing two items separately that will cost more money and take up more space in your kitchen.


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