NutriChef PKYM80 Review

2.NutriChef PKYM80


The NutriChef PKYM80 comes with 8 glass jars with lids, so it is very convenient when you want to make yogurt for more people.

The design is simple and straightforward; for this reason, it can be easily accommodated in any kitchen.

The yogurt maker is easy to clean and its stain resistant housing helps a lot in this respect.

The LCD display contributes to its amazing ease of use.



Customers complain about lack of instructions included with the unit, and they say they were forced to look somewhere else to understand how to mix the ingredients needed for making yogurt.

The design of the glass jars is not exactly a hit with consumers, either, since they tend to be narrow at the bottom, which does not grant them enough stability, according to some buyers.



Benefits explained


When you are making yogurt, chances are you are not just making this delicious food only for yourself. For people with a full house, it is very important to have enough of the same tasty food to keep everyone well fed. The NutriChef PKYM80 has 8 glass jars, which means that you will be able to supply the necessary quantity of yogurt to all those living in your household. Another great benefit is that you can add different flavors to the jars, so you will be able to have everyone satisfied by offering them the flavor they like. Even if you live by yourself, you will find this unit handy. You will be able to make enough yogurt to last for several taste, so you will eat healthier on the long run.


Many consumers appreciate the countertop design of this unit. While it may not look like much on the outside, this model is highly practical. Its shape does not take up unnecessary room on your counter, and you will easily find a place for it, not like it happens with other units. The greatest news is that despite its unassuming appearance, this one is on par with much more expensive units.


The model is created to be helpful and practical. The housing is stain resistant and it is very easy to clean. Since yogurt making may cause a bit of a mess in a kitchen, this is a nice feature to have. Overall, this model is very easy to clean and maintain in proper working order.


As you are scheduling the unit to work for a certain duration of time, the LCD display will come in handy. You will be able to introduce the required time for your recipes, and the machine will take care of the rest. Being able to try out various recipes increases the overall value of this particular product.




The NutriChef PKYM80 is a highly recommended yogurt maker for several reasons. Its practical design is a great plus and you will truly enjoy having one of these in your kitchen. You will be able to make plenty of yogurt for you and your family, so you can enjoy healthy eating, the easy way.


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