Gourmia GSI200 Review

1.1 Gourmia GSI-200


This is the type of does-it-all machine that any home cook hopes to have in the kitchen; no additional preparation is required for making your recipes when you are using the Gourmia GSI200.

Its durable construction recommends it and you will be able to enjoy the frozen desserts made with it for years.

A scoop is included, so you can easily transfer the 1.6 quart of ice cream made with the ice cream maker to other bowls and recipients.

You can use any kind of dairy milk and vegan varieties, for a large range of desserts that are much healthier than what you can purchase from regular stores.

Its nice design helps saving up space on your kitchen counter, and it also looks stylish.



There is no way to control the temperature, so the device might not be suitable for some recipes which require specific preparation conditions, as some consumers noticed.



Benefits explained


Homemade ice cream has many benefits, besides being much healthier than what you can buy readymade. The Gourmia GSI200 makes really great ice cream that has just the right texture and consistency, but this is not all. You can make ice cream, sorbets, frozen yogurt and gelato, so there is basically no frozen recipe you cannot try. Due to the superior churn technology and its high end compressor, you will obtain really great results each and every time. Plus, you will not have to pre-freeze or mix manually your ingredients prior to using this machine.


One of the things buyers usually seek in any kitchen appliance they purchase is durability and this model does not let you down in this respect. Its high quality construction is capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear, so you will be more than satisfied with its performance overall.

1.3 Gourmia GSI-200

It is always nice to have accessories at hand when you are getting an ice cream maker. In this case, the included scoop is an added plus, as it allows you to get the ice cream and any other frozen dessert you want to make from the container and place it in other recipients. Another convenience that should be mentioned is the LCD display on which you can read information concerning the making of your recipes.


It is very important to be able to keep a slim waistline, despite of all the temptations offered specifically by sweets and desserts. If you are on a diet, but you still want to be able to enjoy a treat once in a while, you can count on the Gourmia GSI200. It is capable of processing other types of milk, besides regular dairy, and it works with almond, coconut or soy milk just the same.


You will love its stylish design that also helps you save up space. As a high end machine, it is a nice touch that it looks the part, so that you can impress anyone happening to set foot in your kitchen.




The Gourmia GSI200 is an excellent buy if you want to make all kinds of delicious frozen goodies, from ice cream to gelato. No matter what kind of dessert you want to try, you will find this machine a great helper in the kitchen. Its sturdy construction makes sure you will be able to use the unit for a very long time and enjoy healthy desserts at home. Last, but not least, its luxurious design makes it very popular among buyers and you will love how great the unit will look on your kitchen counter.


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