Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek Review

1.Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek


For everyone who wants to eat healthy, having a machine like the Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek is a great choice, because the machine makes both regular and Greek yogurt.

The model has a container made of BPA free plastic, so you will have no health concerns when you are using it.

You can use this yogurt maker for trying various types of low fat yogurts, since you can use soy milk and other varieties.

Some great accessories are included, such as a thermometer and a cotton bag for straining Greek yogurt.



Among the very few complaints related to this unit, it is worth noting that a buzzing noise can be heard when the machine is working; keep in mind that this is not a defect, but just how the unit works.

Another thing mentioned by buyers is that the yogurt you can obtain is not too thick, especially since the maximum time for making yogurt with this unit is 8 hours.



Benefits explained


Yogurt is considered a healthy food, for all the right reasons. Especially if you are planning to make yogurt at home, you will provide your family with great treats, free of preservatives and other chemicals, unlike the ones you can find on the market. The Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek makes great tasty yogurt, but its biggest advantage is that it lets you make Greek yogurt, as well. The latter is even healthier than regular yogurt, because it packs more protein and less fat for the same quantity. For those with a solid preoccupation towards healthy eating, this unit is a real must have.


Furthermore, you will really enjoy the fact that the container used by this model is made of BPA free plastic. Plastic has certain advantages over glass, since it is more lightweight and it does not break. But regular plastic is filled with chemicals that can affect your food and your health. Because the container that comes with the Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek is made of this different type of plastic, you can rest assured that your health is well cared for.

Top Yogurt Makers from Eurocuisine

Besides regular yogurt and Greek yogurt, you can also use this unit to make some low fat varieties of yogurt. For instance, you can use soy milk, and get soy yogurt that has very low quantities of fat. For people on a diet, this is a great plus.


It is nice that the manufacturer thought about including a few accessories along with the unit. In the same package, you will find a thermometer made of stainless steel, so you can watch over the yogurt making process. The extra bag made of cotton is for straining Greek yogurt, and this one comes in handy, too.




The greatest thing about the Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek is that you can make different types of yogurt with it. You can make regular yogurt, low fat yogurt and Greek yogurt, which is considered to be the healthiest you can find right now.


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