Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker – An Overview


1.1 Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker




Not only is it easier to eat healthier at home with this yogurt maker, you have the added advantage of saving money on your grocery bill.

You will appreciate how simple the Dash yogurt maker is to use, and maintain.

Its compact size fits easily on most kitchen counters, and its smaller design also allows for convenient storage.

It is capable of making larger quantities of fresh yogurt so you and your family can enjoy delicious and healthy snacks and meals.



Things you should know


While this yogurt maker from Dash is designed to be easy and convenient to use, it should be noted that it does not come with a timer and will only power off when you manually unplug the machine.



Benefits explained


Eating yogurt daily is a great way to ensure that you are getting enough calcium in your diet, along with the healthy bacteria needed to keep your digestive system functioning properly. While there are plenty of yogurt options at grocery and health food stores, the cost of constantly purchasing it premade can quickly add up over time. Instead of giving up this healthy and delicious food, you can now make it quickly and easily at home with this yogurt maker from Dash.

Not only will making your own plain and flavored yogurts at home help you save money on grocery bills, you can also make it to your individual taste. Along with the yogurt maker Dash has included a convenient recipe book, and you also have access to a growing online community of health conscious consumers who are willing to share their ideas and favorite flavors.

1.3 Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker

The manufacturers of this yogurt maker understand that you do not have a lot of time, and designed this machine to be easy and convenient to use. While it does have to be shut off manually, it will keep finished yogurt fresh and cool until you can get back to the machine. To make delicious and healthy yogurt simply heat your favorite milk, cool it back down, add your starter and favorite ingredients. Simply pour the mixture into the included one quart container, and in 8 to 12 hours the yogurt will be ready to be chilled. The longer you leave the yogurt in the machine the “tangier” the taste, which is another advantage to being able to make your own at home.

Once you are finished the yogurt maker can be easily wiped clean, and any parts that are not electric can be conveniently placed in the dishwasher. Easy to use and keep clean, it’s not hard to eat a healthier diet with this yogurt maker.

Not all kitchens are designed with a lot of counter space, and this compact yogurt maker is perfect for smaller areas. It is designed to fit on most countertops, and its compact size is also easy to store. The power cord can be conveniently wrapped to save even more storage space, and you will also appreciate its stylish white and blue construction. The yogurt maker also comes with a tightly sealing clear lid so you can keep an eye on the cultures without interrupting the process. It is perfect for homes and apartments with small kitchens, along with cramped dorm rooms where space is always limited.

With the ability to make up to a quart of fresh yogurt at a time, you and your family can benefit from a healthier diet. This machine allows you to add your own ingredients, and it can also be as thick and tangy as you like. With this yogurt maker you and your family can enjoy all of your favorite flavors at a fraction of what it would cost from the store, and it also makes a healthy substitution for some ingredients in your recipes. Save the whey from the yogurt for sauces and healthy homemade breads, and you can get even more ideas from the included recipe guide.

1.2 Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker




It is easy to eat healthier and save money with this yogurt maker. It is designed to be convenient to use, and you will appreciate how easy it is to keep clean. In just a few simple steps you and your family can enjoy all of the healthy benefits you get from yogurt without having to pay expensive store prices. You will also appreciate knowing that this yogurt maker is also backed by a limited manufacturer’s warranty. Enjoy eating healthier and saving money with this yogurt maker from Dash.


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