Dash 7-Jar Review

1.Dash 7-Jar


The Dash 7-Jar allows you to pick the ingredients, so you can make yogurt at home, exactly to your taste.

The 7 glass jars comes with BPA free lids, so this product is ideal for all the health conscious consumers out there.

The timer allows you to play with different settings, so you can obtain the kind of yogurt you like, depending on the recipes you like best.

A nice touch is the included recipe book that helps you make great tasty yogurt right from the get go.



One small complaint mentioned by one user is that the numbers on the display could be larger, in order to help those who are visually impaired read it with ease.

Another mention that must be listed here is that the unit is a bit difficult to store away, since closing the unit is not possible with the lids placed on top of the jars. This means that you will need to find a different place for the lids when doing so.



Benefits explained


Yogurt is very tasty and also very healthy, but the varieties you can purchase from the market are not the best, since they are loaded with preservatives and artificial flavors. A better alternative is offered by the Dash 7-Jar that puts you completely in charge. You pick the milk, you pick the starter and you pick the flavors. On the long run, you will even be able to save money by making your own yogurt at home.


The model has 7 glass jars, each one with its individual lid. The fact that the jars are made of glass is a big plus, since glass is the healthiest material to use for food containers. The lids are made of BPA free plastic, so they cannot contaminate your yogurt, either. Buyers mention that the lids fix well in place, so you can take yogurt with you at work or school, so you can enjoy a healthy treat while everyone else has to go for the usual unhealthy junk food.


The Dash 7-Jar comes with a timer, so you can obtain different textures for your yogurt. Not everyone enjoys yogurt the same way, and there are so many recipes you can try, that it would a shame not to have a programmable machine like this one. You choose the time, you set the time and then you can watch your yogurt being made.


Since not everyone is well versed in making yogurt, it is a great thing that the manufacturer thought about including a recipe book along with every purchase. You will be able to find out about new recipes and try them out. At least a few of them will surely be to your liking.




The Dash 7-Jar is a good and reliable yogurt maker that will help you keep your health in check. You can use it for feeding the entire family with healthy yogurt, since it comes with 7 jars made of plastic and equipped with BPA free lids.


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