Cuisinart CYM-100


1.1 Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker


Things we like

This yogurt maker from Cuisinart is capable of making fresh yogurt from dairy or soy milk in a variety of flavors.

The yogurt maker features a sleek design and durable construction that is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

You will appreciate how easy and convenient this yogurt maker is to operate, even for first time users.

One of the advantages of this machine is its automatic cooling system which helps to ensure perfectly delicious yogurt every time.


What we don’t like so much

Some consumers have noted that the temperature cannot be controlled manually, but this is not necessary for the machine to function properly since it automatically switches from heating to cooling.

It should be noted that if the yogurt maker is interrupted during its cycle the machine will need to be reset in order to finish.


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Benefits explained


One of the reasons this yogurt maker is a popular choice with health conscious consumers is its ability to please a variety of tastes. The small machine comes with a 50 ounce container that is capable of making 1 ½ liters of fresh yogurt from dairy or soymilk, and since you can add your own ingredients you can easily make everyone’s favorite flavors. With the ability to make six or more 8 ounce servings at a time, you can easily make enough yogurt for your family.

Featuring a sleek, stainless steel construction this yogurt maker looks great sitting out on your counter and its compact design also makes it easy and convenient to store. Its modern styling blends in beautifully with your other high end appliances and its streamline design fits easily on cramped countertops. The stainless steel can be quickly wiped down with a damp rag, and the BPA free plastic lid and containers are rated dishwasher safe for easy and convenient cleaning. Not only does this yogurt maker come with a durable construction, it is also backed by a limited three year warranty for additional peace of mind.

1.2 Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker

You will love how easy it is to make delicious and nutritious yogurt with this countertop appliance. The included guide will walk you through the simple operating steps, and you will also appreciate the included recipes and tips that help to ensure every batch of yogurt turns out smooth and creamy. The front placed touch buttons are easy to operate, and are clearly marked to help prevent any mistakes. All you have to do to enjoy delicious and healthy fresh yogurt is add dairy or soymilk, along with the active cultures and your favorite flavors.

The “start” button will begin the cycle and you can easily add or subtract from the processing time with the convenient controls. There is also a bright LED screen that clearly displays the remaining time in the processing cycle.

Knowing when to switch from heating the active cultures to cooling is one of the most difficult steps in making yogurt, but this machine takes all of the guesswork out of the process. It is automatically set to ferment the cultures for 8 hours, before switching over to the “cooling” mode. This allows you to simply set the time and walk away, without in having to worry about how your yogurt will turn out. The convenient controls also let you add and subtract time according to the specifics of the recipe. The LED screen will display a “C” when the yogurt is cooling, and will keep it chilled until you turn the machine off. To ensure that the yogurt is safe and ready to enjoy, it will keep it at a cool 43 to 52 degrees.

1.3 Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker




Eating yogurt daily can help improve your digestive and overall health. It can be used in a variety of recipes, and is often a “secret” ingredient in sauces and marinades. While there are plenty of varieties of yogurt for sale in the store, being able to make it at home gives you the advantages of knowing exactly what you are eating.

This machine from Cuisinart is easy and convenient to operate, and even novices can enjoy delicious and nutritious yogurt on their first try. Since it can be used with dairy or soymilk even family members who are lactose intolerant can enjoy the healthy benefits of yogurt, and you will love being able to make all of your favorite flavors. Designed to look great sitting out on the counter and be easy to clean, it’s not hard to see why this yogurt maker is a popular choice with consumers.


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