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Top glass yogurt makers compared


If you prefer making yogurt at home, in order to prevent any preservatives or artificial sweeteners to sneak into your diet through products bought from the store, a convenient option is to get a good yogurt maker. This type of device is very straightforward and simple to use, since you only need to pour the ingredients into the special bowl or jars the machine comes with and let it do its work. In case you are particularly conscious of your health, you may want to choose a yogurt maker with the bowl or containers made of glass.

This buying guide will show you what aspects to look for in a glass yogurt maker, along with the most popular models on the market.


Volume capacity

How much yogurt do you intend to make every day? If you have a large family, your answer is, most probably, ‘a lot’. However, even if you intend to make yogurt just for yourself, there are models with single serving cups that can be safely stored in the refrigerator and consumed later on. A yogurt maker with jars made of glass is a clever choice because glass is much healthier than plastic. BPA free plastic is now increasingly popular and that is a good alternative, as well.





A yogurt maker is not a complicated kitchen appliance, so it does not need many features. However, a few are important, such as a timer for creating different recipes and an automatic shut-off function.



Additional functionalities

There are all kinds of yogurt makers now available on the market ( electric, for frozen yogurt or automatic), and you may not be able to tell too many differences between them at first glance. Besides the common considerations such as pricing, you should also consider different functionalities. For instance, there are models that allow you to make Greek yogurt or fresh cheese. If that is what you want, you should opt for such a model.



Products you should consider



Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek


1.Euro Cuisine 2qtIf you do not want to put your family’s health at risk, you should go for a BPA free yogurt maker, such as this model from Euro Cuisine. The Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker is a great option, because it offers all the great benefits of making your own yogurt at home, in the best conditions.

The 2 quart glass jar the model comes with ensures that you will have plenty of yogurt for you and the other members of the family, whenever you are in for a quick healthy snack. The glass jar is totally free of BPA, unlike regular plastic, so you do not have to worry about any health related issues.

The unit is very versatile and it can be used with any kind of milk, including soy milk, for a low fat variety of yogurt. One of the best accessories this model has is the cotton bag you can use for obtaining Greek yogurt.



Dash 7-Jar


2.Dash 7 Jar Yogurt MakerStart making your own decisions about the health of your family by making yogurt at home, with the help of the Dash Yogurt Maker, one of the popular models on the market. It takes about 8 to 10 hours to obtain fresh yogurt at home, when using this unit. You are basically in charge of the ingredients, since you will pick the milk, the flavors, or any other add-ons for creating healthy food.

The timer is a great plus for the Dash Yogurt Maker because it helps you decide on the thickness of your yogurt, so you can try your hand at different recipes. The digital interface comes in handy, and it keeps you posted on the time remaining until your yogurt is done.

This is a very convenient model, as it comes with 7 8 ounce glass jars you can later place in the fridge. The lids are BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.



Rosewill RHYM-13001


3.Rosewill RHYM-13001Now you can make any type of yogurt you want by getting a yogurt maker for your home. Making yogurt at home is no rocket science. You only need a good unit, healthy ingredients and a bit of patience until the yogurt gets done.

The Rosewill RHYM-13001 Yogurt Maker is equipped with a digital timer that can accommodate programs of up to 15 hours of yogurt, in order to obtain the finest thickness and varieties. The 7 cups it comes with have 6.7 ounces each, which is enough for a single serving. The LCD display shows the information you need when making yogurt, and the great news is that you can obtain different flavors at the same time, so that anyone can have their favorite first thing in the morning.



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