VonShef 13/111 Review

1.VonShef 13-111


Being able to make low calorie treats is what the VonShef 13/111 does best and the main reason for its popularity.

The machine is really easy to operate, so you will find it handy whenever you want to enjoy a healthy treat, without consuming too many calories.

An added bonus is its ease of cleaning, which puts it above other similar devices.

Because of its compact design, this kitchen appliance will easily find its place on your kitchen counter.



One of the things that are not appreciated by buyers is the fact that this unit is quite noisy, so it is not advisable to operate it when someone is sleeping nearby.

A small complaint issued by a few reviewers is that the output comes out a little chunky and not as smooth as they would like.



Benefits explained


Who doesn’t love ice cream? It is one of the most coveted treats you can find, but, unfortunately, it is filled with sugar and health conscious people cannot enjoy much of it. With the VonShef 13/111, you are capable of making low calorie treats on par with ice cream that you can really enjoy guilt free. The machine only needs your favorite fruits combined with yogurt, so it can turn them into healthy goodies. For a machine making low calorie desserts, this model is really handy and convenient.


The VonShef 13/111 is not difficult to figure out. Actually, it is a pretty straightforward kitchen appliance that you will learn how to use right away.  Basically, you are required only to pour inside all the ingredients, start the machine, and make sure to place a container under the chute, so you can catch your tasty treat as it is done.


For a model that makes frozen low calorie treats, this one is really easy to clean. Many times, people choose to stay away from kitchen appliances that make only one thing, because they dread the maintenance requirements and the cleaning. With the VonShef 13/111, you do not have to worry about such things, since you will be able to take the machine apart really easy, wash all the components, and then put it back together. This is among the most frequently mentioned benefits of this particular machine.


The model reviewed here is the type that makes people fall in love with it from the very first glance. It is very stylish looking, so you can easily picture it on your kitchen counter. It is also compact, so it takes up very little room. All in all, you will feel hard pressed to find a reason to reject this model, if you are on the lookout for a machine that can make low calorie desserts that taste great.




The VonShef 13/111 is the ideal choice for anyone on a diet who wants to satisfy their sweet tooth worry and guilt free. Sporting a stylish design and straightforward operation, it is the type of kitchen appliance that makes your daily diet much healthier.


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Rosewill RHYM-13001 Review

2.Rosewill RHYM-13001


The Rosewill RHYM-13001 comes with a digital timer that puts you in charge of your own recipes.

The 7 glass jars have BPA free plastic lids and they are very handy for an entire family.

The yogurt maker is easy to clean, as the jars are dishwasher safe.

You can make different flavors at the same time, so that everyone can enjoy their favorite treat.



In case you are looking for a yogurt maker loaded with features, this is not the one you should buy, since it is very pretty simplistic and even cheap looking, according to some buyers.

Increasing over 15 hours resets the timer, as a consumer indicates, so be aware of this little mishap, when you are setting the time for your desired recipe.



Benefits explained


It is really nice to be able to control the yogurt making process, by setting the time, and this is exactly what the Rosewill RHYM-13001 lets you do. Its digital display is a really nice feature, because you can easily set up the machine to work for a certain number of hours. You can choose any value between 0 and 15 hours, which means that you can aim for quite a variety of yogurt thicknesses. With so many yogurt recipes out there, this is, indeed, a great plus.


If your family’s health is a top priority for you, you will be glad to find out that the jars used by this yogurt maker are made of glass. Also, the lids are made of BPA free plastic, so they are safe for being in contact with your food, as well. Since there are 7 of them, you will be able to make enough yogurt for a family with kids, so that no one remains without their healthy breakfast. Of course, you can consume yogurt any moment of the day, as the machine makes plenty of it.

1.Dash 7-Jar

You will love how easy it is to maintain this kitchen appliance clean. When you are done with all the jars, you will just have to place them in the dishwasher and you will be done with them. The housing is easy to wipe with a damp cloth, and all in all, you will be satisfied with how easy it is to look after this yogurt maker.


Another great advantage of this yogurt maker is that it allows you to mix different flavors in different jars. So, if people inside your home have different preferences, you will keep everyone well provided for, since you will be able to create a different mix in a different jar. Also, if you are by yourself, and you have various preferences, you can obtain them all in one go, without the need to use the machine multiple times for different flavors.




The Rosewill RHYM-13001 is a good and reliable yogurt maker that has all the right features for keeping you healthy. The yogurt you can make will be totally preservative free and the glass jars and BPA free lids keep your food away from any dangerous chemicals.


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NutriChef PKYM80 Review

2.NutriChef PKYM80


The NutriChef PKYM80 comes with 8 glass jars with lids, so it is very convenient when you want to make yogurt for more people.

The design is simple and straightforward; for this reason, it can be easily accommodated in any kitchen.

The yogurt maker is easy to clean and its stain resistant housing helps a lot in this respect.

The LCD display contributes to its amazing ease of use.



Customers complain about lack of instructions included with the unit, and they say they were forced to look somewhere else to understand how to mix the ingredients needed for making yogurt.

The design of the glass jars is not exactly a hit with consumers, either, since they tend to be narrow at the bottom, which does not grant them enough stability, according to some buyers.



Benefits explained


When you are making yogurt, chances are you are not just making this delicious food only for yourself. For people with a full house, it is very important to have enough of the same tasty food to keep everyone well fed. The NutriChef PKYM80 has 8 glass jars, which means that you will be able to supply the necessary quantity of yogurt to all those living in your household. Another great benefit is that you can add different flavors to the jars, so you will be able to have everyone satisfied by offering them the flavor they like. Even if you live by yourself, you will find this unit handy. You will be able to make enough yogurt to last for several taste, so you will eat healthier on the long run.


Many consumers appreciate the countertop design of this unit. While it may not look like much on the outside, this model is highly practical. Its shape does not take up unnecessary room on your counter, and you will easily find a place for it, not like it happens with other units. The greatest news is that despite its unassuming appearance, this one is on par with much more expensive units.


The model is created to be helpful and practical. The housing is stain resistant and it is very easy to clean. Since yogurt making may cause a bit of a mess in a kitchen, this is a nice feature to have. Overall, this model is very easy to clean and maintain in proper working order.


As you are scheduling the unit to work for a certain duration of time, the LCD display will come in handy. You will be able to introduce the required time for your recipes, and the machine will take care of the rest. Being able to try out various recipes increases the overall value of this particular product.




The NutriChef PKYM80 is a highly recommended yogurt maker for several reasons. Its practical design is a great plus and you will truly enjoy having one of these in your kitchen. You will be able to make plenty of yogurt for you and your family, so you can enjoy healthy eating, the easy way.


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Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek Review

1.Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek


For everyone who wants to eat healthy, having a machine like the Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek is a great choice, because the machine makes both regular and Greek yogurt.

The model has a container made of BPA free plastic, so you will have no health concerns when you are using it.

You can use this yogurt maker for trying various types of low fat yogurts, since you can use soy milk and other varieties.

Some great accessories are included, such as a thermometer and a cotton bag for straining Greek yogurt.



Among the very few complaints related to this unit, it is worth noting that a buzzing noise can be heard when the machine is working; keep in mind that this is not a defect, but just how the unit works.

Another thing mentioned by buyers is that the yogurt you can obtain is not too thick, especially since the maximum time for making yogurt with this unit is 8 hours.



Benefits explained


Yogurt is considered a healthy food, for all the right reasons. Especially if you are planning to make yogurt at home, you will provide your family with great treats, free of preservatives and other chemicals, unlike the ones you can find on the market. The Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek makes great tasty yogurt, but its biggest advantage is that it lets you make Greek yogurt, as well. The latter is even healthier than regular yogurt, because it packs more protein and less fat for the same quantity. For those with a solid preoccupation towards healthy eating, this unit is a real must have.


Furthermore, you will really enjoy the fact that the container used by this model is made of BPA free plastic. Plastic has certain advantages over glass, since it is more lightweight and it does not break. But regular plastic is filled with chemicals that can affect your food and your health. Because the container that comes with the Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek is made of this different type of plastic, you can rest assured that your health is well cared for.

Top Yogurt Makers from Eurocuisine

Besides regular yogurt and Greek yogurt, you can also use this unit to make some low fat varieties of yogurt. For instance, you can use soy milk, and get soy yogurt that has very low quantities of fat. For people on a diet, this is a great plus.


It is nice that the manufacturer thought about including a few accessories along with the unit. In the same package, you will find a thermometer made of stainless steel, so you can watch over the yogurt making process. The extra bag made of cotton is for straining Greek yogurt, and this one comes in handy, too.




The greatest thing about the Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek is that you can make different types of yogurt with it. You can make regular yogurt, low fat yogurt and Greek yogurt, which is considered to be the healthiest you can find right now.


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Deni 5600 Review

1.Deni 5600


This electric yogurt maker helps you make different flavors of yogurt at the same time, since it comes with 6 jars.

The jars are made of glass, which means that this machine will not let BPA contaminate your food, as it happens in the case of those made of plastic.

Since you can program the machine to work for 6 to 12 hours without interruption, you can experiment with various recipes.

The ready indicator comes in handy, since a lot of people want to know when their delicious yogurt is ready.



The Deni 5600 is a model of yogurt maker that lets you make yogurt in 6 different jars; this can make the machine more difficult to clean than one that comes with a single container.

The jars have narrower than desired necks, as some customers say, and that makes them tricky to eat the yogurt directly from there, or to pack them for school lunch.



Benefits explained


The Deni 5600 has 6 jars, totaling an entire quantity of yogurt of 2 quarts. This is enough to feed a larger family with homemade yogurt every day, or to ensure your supply for several days in case you live alone and you want to eat healthy. Many customers praise this design because it also lets them obtain different flavors, without having the machine work several times for each flavor, as it would happen with a single container unit.


It must be noted that the jars supplied with the unit are made of glass. Glass is considered superior to plastic, because it does not pose any threats to the consumer’s health. Plastic is made with chemicals that can leak inside your food if you are using plastic container or, by some means, plastic gets in contact with food. The Deni 5600 is a much better choice because it uses glass jars, and those who are health conscious will find it a great buy.

Top Electric Yogurt Makers

When you are getting a yogurt maker, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the ability to make different yogurt recipes. For that, you need a machine capable of running for different amounts of time, as this is the secret of obtaining different textures for your yogurt. This one can be scheduled to work for 6 up to 12 hours without interruptions, so it will be easy for you to experiment with different recipes and see which one is best for you.


The machine will let you know when your yogurt is ready, due to its ready indicator. Many consumers find it a great plus, since it eliminates all the guesswork from the process of making delicious yogurt at home.




The Deni 5600 is a great buy for several reasons. Due to its glass jars, it is a recommended choice for your health, and it lets you try out different yogurt recipes, since it can be programmed to run for a certain number of hours. Practical and helpful, this is the kind of yogurt maker you should have at home.


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Dash 7-Jar Review

1.Dash 7-Jar


The Dash 7-Jar allows you to pick the ingredients, so you can make yogurt at home, exactly to your taste.

The 7 glass jars comes with BPA free lids, so this product is ideal for all the health conscious consumers out there.

The timer allows you to play with different settings, so you can obtain the kind of yogurt you like, depending on the recipes you like best.

A nice touch is the included recipe book that helps you make great tasty yogurt right from the get go.



One small complaint mentioned by one user is that the numbers on the display could be larger, in order to help those who are visually impaired read it with ease.

Another mention that must be listed here is that the unit is a bit difficult to store away, since closing the unit is not possible with the lids placed on top of the jars. This means that you will need to find a different place for the lids when doing so.



Benefits explained


Yogurt is very tasty and also very healthy, but the varieties you can purchase from the market are not the best, since they are loaded with preservatives and artificial flavors. A better alternative is offered by the Dash 7-Jar that puts you completely in charge. You pick the milk, you pick the starter and you pick the flavors. On the long run, you will even be able to save money by making your own yogurt at home.


The model has 7 glass jars, each one with its individual lid. The fact that the jars are made of glass is a big plus, since glass is the healthiest material to use for food containers. The lids are made of BPA free plastic, so they cannot contaminate your yogurt, either. Buyers mention that the lids fix well in place, so you can take yogurt with you at work or school, so you can enjoy a healthy treat while everyone else has to go for the usual unhealthy junk food.


The Dash 7-Jar comes with a timer, so you can obtain different textures for your yogurt. Not everyone enjoys yogurt the same way, and there are so many recipes you can try, that it would a shame not to have a programmable machine like this one. You choose the time, you set the time and then you can watch your yogurt being made.


Since not everyone is well versed in making yogurt, it is a great thing that the manufacturer thought about including a recipe book along with every purchase. You will be able to find out about new recipes and try them out. At least a few of them will surely be to your liking.




The Dash 7-Jar is a good and reliable yogurt maker that will help you keep your health in check. You can use it for feeding the entire family with healthy yogurt, since it comes with 7 jars made of plastic and equipped with BPA free lids.


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Conair Cuisinart ICE-21 Review

1.Conair Cuisinart ICE-21


You will be able to make delicious frozen goodies within less than 20 minutes when using the Conair Cuisinart ICE-21.

The model has a 1 ½ quart container, so you can make enough ice cream and frozen yogurt for the entire family in one go.

You will not have to add ice and affect the flavor of your ingredients, since the model comes with a double insulated freezer bowl.

The large spout lets you pour in the ingredients without making a big mess in your kitchen.



As with any yogurt maker that makes frozen yogurt, ice cream and other similar desserts, you will need to let the mix of ingredients cool in the fridge for many hours, since the machine cannot cool them itself.

You will see that the container takes up quite a lot of room in your fridge, so be aware of this aspect when you are ordering a frozen yogurt making machine like this one.



Benefits explained


When you have a bunch of kids waiting for their frozen yogurt, sherbet, or ice cream to be delivered, you have to be well prepared. The entire making process for such delights is usually long and demanding, so having a helping hand is always well received. The Conair Cuisinart ICE-21 is the exact kitchen helper you need for making ice cream and frozen yogurt. The machine mixes your ingredients and has everything ready to be delivered in just 20 minutes. Some consumers even say that it takes even less, which means that this is a great kitchen utensil for organizing a kids’ party.


Size is important when making delicious desserts like the ones mentioned earlier. The good news is that this Cuisinart yogurt maker is perfectly capable of keeping everyone happy, since it comes with a container that can hold 1 ½ quart of the mix you are using. Having the entire family well supplied with their desired frozen delights is made easy by this machine.

Best Yogurt maker from Cuisinart

Yogurt makers that specialize in making frozen yogurt and similar recipes have a problem that is easily addressed by the Conair Cuisinart ICE-21. Usually, you would be required to add ice to the composition in order to maintain all the ingredients cold. This machine comes with a double insulated bowl, so the ingredients will be maintained cold without the need to add ice. This greatly enhances the taste of your recipes and everyone will praise you for how great your fro-yo tastes like.


After you are making the required mix for obtaining the frozen desserts kids and adults alike love, you will have to pour it inside. The large spout is a great addition to an already great product, because it allows you to pour everything inside without making a mess in your kitchen.




The Conair Cuisinart ICE-21 is a great tool for making frozen desserts. Its large capacity allows you to make enough yogurt for the entire family, and the little time it requires to get things done recommends it for any household with kids.


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Aroma Housewares AYM-606 Review

1.Aroma Housewares AYM-606


You can use the Aroma Housewares AYM-606 for making yogurt in different flavors, for all the members of your family.

The 8 cups provided are made of BPA free plastic, so they are safe and convenient at the same time.

The digital timer allows you to try different yogurt recipes, within up to 16 hours.

Automatic shut-off gives you peace of mind, as you do not have to check on the unit and turn it off.



Because this is a model that comes with 8 cups, and not with a single container, it is more difficult to clean, as some consumers point out.

Another customer points out that the beeping sound the unit makes when it finished the program is not loud enough to draw your attention, if you do not happen to be around.



Benefits explained


When you are making yogurt, one of the biggest challenges is to make sure that everyone in your household gets the type of yogurt they like. If you are going for a single container model, it is not easy to cater to everyone’s preferences. The Aroma Housewares AYM-606 changes things by allowing you to place the desired combination for each family member in a different cup. After that, you only need to let the machine do its work, while you see about other chores.


In this day and age, it is very important to care about your family’s health. Plastic is one material that is found all around us and the main problem with it is that it can leak dangerous chemicals in the food we eat, in case we are using plastic containers. The Aroma Housewares AYM-606 comes with cups made of BPA free plastic, so it is a safe product for you and your family. At the same time, the cups are difficult to break and they are more lightweight than those made of glass.

Automatic Yogurt Maker

One of the greatest advantages offered by this particular yogurt maker is the fact that you can make various yogurt recipes with it. The unit comes equipped with easy to use digital controls and you can set up the machine so that you can make yogurt with a creamier consistence. The model allows you to set the yogurt making time at 16 hours tops, which means that you have plenty of room to experiment with different yogurt recipes.


When the unit is done with making yogurt, it will shut down on its own, which is a great plus, since not everybody has the time or the disposition to regularly check on a machine that takes as long as a yogurt maker takes to do its job. The automatic shut-off function is praised by many consumers and it makes the Aroma Housewares AYM-606 a complete product totally worth spending money on.




Because of its conveniences, this model is a great choice for anyone who wants to make yogurt fast and easy. The possibility to obtain different recipes and the ability to make different flavors for the entire family are among its top features.


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Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt


Yogurt is a quick, easy and nutritious snack that has a lot of benefits. And unlike some healthy foods, it is available all year long. A healthy dose of yogurt will do a lot of good to not only your digestive tract but a lot more. When I started to snack healthily, I find that I can reduce my budget on healthy snacks by making them myself. That was when I trotted down to the store and bought the best yogurt maker that I could afford.

Here are some of the health benefits that you can enjoy by having the habit of eating yogurt:
#1 Bone-Friendly Food

Yogurt, like cow’s milk and fermented milk products, have lactoferrin that binds iron. That and the calcium in dairy food help boost the growth and activity of the cells that build the human bones. For young girls, getting their calcium from dairy products will have stronger and faster growth of bones. Adults also can benefit from a healthy dose of yogurt as it does not only prevent osteoporosis, but also reverse the effects.

Other bone friendly foods: http://www.iofbonehealth.org/recipes
#2 It Helps The Gut

If you have problems with your digestive system, yogurt can help relieve them for you. Yogurt helps improve the efficiency of your digestive system because it activates the gut’s microflora (the bacteria that helps you digest your food) and optimize the time your food take to move through your bowel. So if you have diarrhoea, constipation and lactose intolerance, yogurt can help you a lot. The effects are rather quick. After two weeks of making my own yogurt with the best yogurt maker I purchased, I had no trouble at all with going to the bathroom in the mornings.
It can also reduce the risk of getting colon cancer. Yogurt, like other dairy food, contains some cancer preventive elements. It also helps to protect the heart.
#3 Reduce Major Health Risks

Dairy food have been found to help reduce many health risks. According to what I’ve read, researches show that by eating low-fat yogurt and other low-fat dairy produce can help lower the risk of developing high blood pressure by 50%. It can also help you control and improve your cholesterol profile; it lowers the bad cholesterol levels and at the same time increases the good one.


#4 Build Better Body Defense

I’m sure you know that yogurt contains bacteria in them. No worries. They’re friendly. In fact, one of the bacteria strain helps you build better body defense system. It is found that if you eat a daily serving of yogurt every day, your immune system will response and act more effectively.Because of this better immune system, you’re less likely to be vulnerable to any diseases. This will help you live longer because your body can fight those bad bacteria and viruses better.
Other than that, for women, eating yogurt can help keep vaginal yeast infection away. This may be an effect of eating yogurt that balances out the woman’s vaginal pH to at an ideal level.
As you can see, eating yogurt everyday has a lot of benefits. Other than what I’ve mentioned above, yogurt also helps keep your breath fresh, improve your metabolism and protect you from inflammatory infections (like ulcers and arthritis). So what are you waiting for? Go get the best yogurt maker that you can find in the nearest store.



Why Buy a Yogurt Maker


What can a yogurt maker do for you?



Photo source: kitchenettejen.com

It is possible to make yogurt at home without a yogurt maker but the process is a lot more involved. In order to ensure that the yogurt is staying at the right temperature you would have to go to great lengths. Warming and cooling an oven, wrapping jars in towels, using heating pads, boiling water, and so on. And even then you would have to cross your fingers and hope that the yogurt set up. You would also have to not only be home while the yogurt was processing you would have to be awake. A yogurt maker makes all of that a lot easier on you because;

Yogurt makers maintain temperature – The best yogurt makers take over the hassle of worrying about keeping the jars of yogurt warm but not too warm. They are specifically designed to heat your milk to the optimal temperature for the bacteria to form and make yogurt.Yogurt makers allow you to do other things – Because you are not having to constantly check and recheck the temperature of incubation you can carry on with your day (or night) as usual. Yogurt takes several hours to process so being able to leave the yogurt with confidence that it is making properly makes yogurt making at home much more feasible.


Advantages of homemade yogurt

There are many different advantages to homemade yogurt but one of the most important are its health benefits. Homemade yogurt contains bacteria that are beneficial in killing bad virus causing bacteria found in the body. The good bacteria in homemade yogurt has also been found to be beneficial in immune support as well as being linked to lessening the likely-hood of some serious illnesses. Additionally, commercial yogurts are often filled with extra sugar, dyes, preservatives, and so on, that you will not have if you make homemade yogurt. It is also believed that commercial yogurts are not as beneficial due to the length of time from production to consumption.


Why buying a yogurt maker could be a good choice for you

If you are someone who loves yogurt and cannot bring yourself to justify all the unrecognizable ingredients found in commercially sold yogurt but don’t have the time to do everything by hand a yogurt maker is a great option for you. A yogurt maker is also a good choice for someone who is dieting because homemade yogurt is filling and low on fat; or for vegetarians, as homemade yogurt is high in protein.Buying a yogurt maker is a great choice for anyone who enjoys yogurt and is enthusiastic about the benefits to be reaped by making yogurt in your very own home.